When In New York, Do Like The New Yorkers Do!

November 18th, 2015

As anyone who has ever been to New York would tell you, there’s no real way to see every one of the highlights of this limitless, complex city in only one visit. That is the thrill about New York; there’s continually something new to find. However, the greater part of the enticing choices can likewise make it difficult to arrange a trip. Rather than attempting to see, eat, drink, and do everything, put these few must do’s—from signature landmarks to all time favorite local attractions—at the top of your itinerary to make the most of your short visit.

• Don’t miss the Times Square
Cherish it or disdain it, the interchange of Broadway and Seventh Ave; otherwise called Times Square is New York City’s hyperactive heart; a turbulent, trancelike deluge of sparkling lights, iconic billboards and crude urban vitality. It’s not hip, in vogue or elegant by any mean. It’s excessively occupied with pumping out notable, mass-advertised NYC – yellow taxicabs, cloud hugging skyscrapers and flashy Broadway marquee. When in Times Square, you wouldn’t want to miss a signature local favorite BBQ restaurant that will offer the best Buffalo wings you would ever taste. Also don’t miss NYC favorite pork chops you find in Times Square fish and meat restaurant chains.

• NYC Hop on Hop off
A hop-on-hop-off tour is the perfect approach to dig deep into each side of the Big Apple and. Hire a local tour guide to keep you entertained and educated through the journey, you are certain to learn facts old and new about the city that never rests! This open top tourist bus will take you to 50+ tourist destinations in New York, which makes this an unquestionable must-do visit for any guest to the big city.

• Eat like a New Yorker
While in New York, try out the classic signature NYC barbeques the rest of the world is frantic about. Try out NYC wood smoked soul food at a local BBQ restaurant and indulge yourself in smoky meat topped with melted cheese and crispy onions. Step into few local favorite fish and meat restaurant outlets you find Madison Square to get a first hand New Yorker foodie experience. On the other hand, you can check this healthy salads.

• Walk through the Central Park
Made in the 1860s and ’70s on the muddy northern edge of the city, the tremendous park was outlined as a recreation space for all New Yorkers. Walk though the lush greenery, or cycle through the park after a tiring day in NYC to ease your mind off. What better way to end a busy and an exhausting day in this big city?

Party Food Guide

November 11th, 2015


One of the most important factors when holding a large scale or even a small scale party is the food that will be served because most people at the party will be looking to eat some pretty good food so it is your duty to deliver and please your guests as much as possible. If the party is a somewhat small scale party consisting of only a number of people, you are very likely to get away by serving some delicious finger foods and a variety of beverages but for a larger scale party, you are expected to serve at least a three course meal but most of the time, the time also plays a part in deciding if you should stick to simple food or go big with dinner or lunch. If the party goes on for a long time, you will most likely to be expected to serve dinner but to be honest, there really isn’t a rule book or anything so whip up whatever you’re comfortable with.

These tips and tricks mentioned below will definitely be a helping hand when you are planning all the food for the big celebration.

Hire professionals

The easiest way to go is by hiring a birthday catering service in Sydney or any other type of catering service to help you avoid worrying about the food and the whole planning process.

The number of guests

If you’re a lot more comfortable whipping up food of your own without relying on a birthday catering or party foods service then k
udos to you but this will definitely call for more effort and time.

The first step is to figure out your number of guests so that you will be able to buy enough food to feed all of your guests. By getting this number right, you will save yourself a lot of wasted food or you will avoid running out of food in the middle of serving dinner. For easy party preparation, you can just hire a catering company to prepare the food for your guests just see this page http://capitalroast.com.au/.

Choose your foods

If you’re going with a full course meal, pick out a starter, a main course and a desert you feel comfortable whipping up. A quick tip is to have the food prepared on the same day before the party so that even though the food may have gone cold, you can use the powers of your microwave to heat it up and this trick will also allow you to enjoy the party yourself without sweating over the gas with your makeup dripping from your face.

These tips that were mentioned above will definitely help you whip up some amazing food that will have your guests satisfied and happy.


Handling A Panic Attack

November 9th, 2015

Take a deep breath
There are days when we gaze at the pile of work we have to do for the day, the deadlines we have to meet, and the exam we have to study for and wonder how we can possibly finish all that in just twenty-four hours! We experience a mini heart attack, we run around trying to sort things out and accomplish nothing and finally we plop down on the bed, sink our head into our hands and wonder if some fairy godmother or a genie would pop up and wave our worries away with a wand. Well, since the latter is certainly not going to happen, all we can do is, calm our nerves, take a deep breath and start methodically sorting through our work.

Work methodically
First and foremost, it is important to draw up a list of the work we need to get done. This will ensure that we do not forget any important task. While writing down our list, it is also best if we can list them in the order of priority. Therefore, the feature article we need to submit the day after tomorrow is not the first task on the list. The test we have to take tomorrow, for which we have to do some reading, will take priority. Having made out list in order of priority, the next thing is to see if there are any tasks that can be finished off quickly before we tackle the work that require more time. Therefore, the few calls we might have to make, an email we might have to send or the clothes that need drying can be finished off first. On the other hand we might like to handle something that requires a lot of thinking and brain work, first off when our brain is fresh from a good night’s sleep. Therefore, we might prefer to read for the test and make the calls when the brain is too tired to take in more information. Next, we have to make sure we have something to eat so that we have enough energy to keep going. We can drop by the closest burger restaurant and pick up something to eat.

We can even check if the burger restaurant will deliver the food so that we can save time.

Keep away from distractions and interruptions
Next, it is important to keep away from distractions. If our phone or tab are distracting us by making us constantly scroll through our facebook newsfeed or check our whatsapp messages, we might like to keep them on silent or keep them away from us till we get a substantial portion of our work done. Moreover, we might even like to take a small power nap to recharge our body’s battery before we commence work once again. However, the most important thing is not to let ourselves be overwhelmed by the workload. Therefore, the next time we face a mountain of work, it is best to remember to keep the stress in check, work methodically and get our work done in record time.

4 Catering Ideas for A Corporate Event

October 19th, 2015


Business concepts have changed throughout the years. Now days it’s all about how much money you are make and the company’s future success too. Nowadays companies organize many corporate events too for their staff. Here are catering ideas for your events:

Hire an expert

Before you decide on what you want for your party. You must hire experts in office event catering to help but it all depends on the budget and the occasion at hand. If your company plans many events every quarter then working with one culinary service will be easy for you. The culinary expert will be well aware on how to help you achieve your food goals too. The cuisine service will have an idea about what you want based on previous records so they will be able to keep the menu interesting too. If you are really concerned get a local food preparation service to help you out. Some companies will even provide discounts if the company plans the parties beforehand.

Get a rough head count

It is very important for you to know how many people are attending the party and what sort of cuisine decisions you might have to decide on too. You do not have to make the total the final count but you can make some allowance for a few more to be added on. If you have a rough count you can help the service achieve its goals. A menu can be designed too!

Consider a wet bar

A wet bar is basically an open bar. Remember if the party that you are planning is for a training or a business meeting then avoid the booze but if you are deciding on a dinner, and you are having particular presentations to sway the new partners then decide on having a bar. It is important for you to decide on these things early in order to avoid exceeding your budget and hiring unlicensed bar employees. Think about event catering in Melbourne so that you can make a quick, informed decision too.

Draw up a schedule

You must have a schedule which will highlight the occasion activities. You must also time events so that you know who is going to speak first as this will make it easier for you to plan the food menu out too. If you know your occasion itinerary early then the better it will be for your food preparation service too.

Remember to plan your office function well. Keep in mind the smallest of the details does count!

How to Refresh Your Guests in your Office?

October 8th, 2015


Sometimes it becomes essential to take care of the visitors as well as your guests as they arrive to your commercial plot with an investment plan. In fact, taking care of the hospitality and refreshment of guests as well clients is a way to earn good reputation and comments. If you are looking to expand your business or service, then ensure you offer a beautiful and pleasing office environment for the customers as well as the clients. Let’s find out how you can arrange wonderful refreshment for them:

Complimentary coffee and drinks for the visitors

As soon as the visitors or guests arrive to the office, you should ensure they are welcomed properly. The receptionist should direct him/her properly and answer all the queries. You can spend a bit on commercial coffee machine hire and serve him/her coffee. You can also serve the guest refreshing cold drinks also as per his/her wish.

Commercial coffee machines are more convenient for the business owners to serve coffee as a refreshing beverage to the visitors. You can also make a provision for the guests to enjoy their lunch in your office food arena.

Beautify the seating arena/ visitor’s room

It is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure cleanliness and tidy of the visitor’s room or the seating arena. The visitor’s room should be well decorated. The seats should be comfortable and ensure a soothing environment inside the lounge. For special guest, you can greet them with flower bouquet and create an affirmative impression on them.

Decorate the entrance and interior

Take care of interior as well as the exterior of the office apartment. For beautification, stunning wall arts, indoor plants, beautiful carpet, etc can be the options. Renovation of your office floor can contribute a lot on preserving a pleasing and alluring ambience for the guests

Maintain a good work culture

The visitor might get to see the employees and their work culture. The work culture creates an image on the quality of service and the transparency. So, as a business owner you should make sure that the employees are well dressed and maintain good work etiquette.

It is very important for an office or a business to expand their service and create a huge customer base. If you are new in the business platform and want to establish your existence in the market then you should focus on comfort and hospitality of the visitors.


You can apply some aromatherapy to refresh your guests. These use essential oils that actually eliminate stress and improve the mood and hence can work well with your clients.


Also, add some light background music to refresh your clients.

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